Friday, September 12, 2014

Why You Should Believe What You Don't See

Imagine you're sitting in a room, 10x10.  It's a perfect box shape.  The ceiling is of unremarkable height, the walls a smooth texture.  Paint the room any color you wish, but sticking with gray or even white might be best as it's less distracting.

Sit in the middle and set the angle of your gaze straight ahead.

Now, Look.

Believe what you (don't) see.

It's that second step that's the toughest.  That's because it goes against everything ever learned and everything you'll read or hear today.  For just a moment, it will become clearly evident that there is nothing between the body and the wall.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch. 


That's it.  All of the evidence of the truth of reality is right there and has been there all along.  It's rock solid and will never change.  You can bet your life on it. 

If you can remember just one instance where a separate self was witnessed, you can toss out everything I've just said and walk away with your 'self' in tow.  But if you can clearly see that the view has never, ever been obstructed, if you can clearly see that hearing, tasting, smelling, or touching has never been obstructed or interrupted, you can say that you've clearly seen the truth of reality.

You're seeing it now.  Is there a self blocking this blog post?


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A FishBowl of Freedom

Please don't come to me or any other 'guide' asking to help you see no self.  It's not that I won't try to be of some help, but, no offense here, I'm just not going to help You.

Most of the folks who contact me or any other guide are looking for one thing... to be a self who sees No Self.  Because then, they reason, they will be free.  The problem is that they're not willing, even after it appears that the selfing has been seen through, to make the final leap into seeing that they can never be free.  Sure, the first phase or two may have become clear... no doer, no seer, etc., but that last bit remains elusive.  And the last bit is to turn around to see who it is who just got Free.

That's when the scary bit comes in. 

Let it sink in.  You can never, ever be free no matter how many guides you go to.  You can never be free no matter how many facebook groups you join And you can never be free even if you see it so well that you are successful in guiding others. There is no graduation into enlightenment.

You may have read that paragraph and mentally agreed that it's true, even as you thought, "Oh, that's not me, that's not what I'm doing." 

But do you see that reflexive little thought right there?  It comes along pretty fast, and brings the You right back into the inquiry. 

So let's just say that little loop of thought is recognized as a trap and you're pretty sure you've seen through it.  Maybe you're gaining some confidence in the No You arena and have begun to talk about it with others.  On facebook, you post the most insightful soliloquies on the topic of reality. 

You still won't be Free.  It'll just be the You doing all of that. 

Nothing can never assert itself.  And let me rephrase that:  What is No Thing, what has no form and substance, can ever assert itself.  It's the You who does that.  And it's the You who began this journey that the You can't possibly finish.

Stop looking to get free.  As a last step in the inquiry, turn around to find out who or what has been inquiring.   When it's clearly seen that there can be no resolution or freedom for you,  you'll also clearly see why and how seeking goes on forever.  Then, when sadness, worry, shame and frustration, or any other negative emotion you expected to ease up or disappear shows up, the understanding comes that it was just the You who thought that they were going to go away.  It was just the You who wanted to be No One.

photo credit:  They Want to Control You by oO-Rein-Oo on DeviantArt

Thursday, February 13, 2014

You: The Collection

This exercise requires a pen and paper.

I'll wait.

Got it?  Ok....

Please list all of the things that make up You.

Once you've completed the list, note that they are attributes.  Categorize each item as a Physical or Personality attribute, then run through the following questions...

If it's a physical attribute, does it describe the self or the body?
If it's a personal attribute, does it describe the self or pattern of events?
Does the personal attribute actually list what others have told you about yourself, or patterns of behavior the body and brain has demonstrated? 
What were the factors in contributing to this construct called the self?
Is any of it unchanging?
If it is unchanging, then can there be a core and sustained self?  Look for that self now.
Is the list a collection of things you might say you ARE?  
Look back at the YOU that is supposedly has all of these attributes.  Can the YOU both HAVE the attributes and BE the attributes?

Are you part of an attribute?

Do you say you HAVE a body?  What is it that has this body?
Do you say you HAVE a brain?  What is it that has this brain?
Do you say you HAVE a heart?  What is it that has this heart?
Do you say you HAVE a soul?  What is it that has this soul?
Do you say you HAVE a spirit?  What is it that has this spirit?

Which item on the list is you?  Or are you a label for a collection of ideas?  What and where is the entity or unchanging being that the label points to?


photo credit:  Passion BW by WinterofWishes on DeviantArt 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Does "Just F'ing Look" Mean?

Hi Delma,
how to look to see there is no me?
I have read your blog posts about pointers, but that does not help. What do you mean when you say "Just f*cking look?".

This comment was left here this morning, but I don't seem to be able to see it on the blog.  Fortunately, I get email notification and could still read the contents.  The commenter probably thought twice about his question and decided it wasn't a good idea to post, but it highlights something important.

Seekers are so muddled in thinking that they deceive even, and especially, 'themselves'.

I assume the commenter did indeed read the blog, and in doing so, he should have found several posts which explain exactly how to look.  He also should have found full guiding sessions in which "looking" is demonstrated, as well one of my most popular posts highlighted in the sidebar, titled, Dear Seeker or maybe Self Phone Logic.

So what's wrong here?

The construct that is YOU can't believe that what I'm pointing to is truer than what you've been taught and conditioned to believe.  YOU cannot suspend that mountain of belief for a even a moment to think that JUST MAYBE it's as simple as it is.  YOU want it to be more complicated, more sophisticated, more wondrous, more special, and more challenging, or more intellectually superior than it is.  YOU can't believe that years of tradition, effort, practice, and ritual can be trumped by simply looking.  YOU don't want to have wasted 10, 20, or 30 years of seeking.

It's ok, though.  It really is.  Because it keeps teachers in business, and seeking also keeps the precious 'you' going.  

Let me get to the point.  Let's talk about looking for the thing that's supposedly been carried around forever. 

Just look.  Just look.  Just look. 

Looking means regular, plain old, vanilla looking.  There's no hidden mystery, no special way to look, no magic tricks. 

It's what's NOT there that's remarkable. 

Look now.  What do you see?   Yes, that's right.  Everything in the view.  Not a thing is blocked, or in the way of seeing.  Well, then, ask yourself this, "Where's the controller of the view?"  Behind the eyes?  Ok, why haven't brain scans found it?  And why haven't they EVER found it?

"What?", you say.  "I cannot believe that that's IT.  Ridiculous. If that was really all there is too it, I should be seeing things in a whole new way!"

You see, that thought right there is the problem, and the self is sustained only within thought.

Get it?

Hope you come back commenter.  Or at least join liberation unleashed so that we can work on it.  Volunteers are there and I'm here, to demystify this.

With love,

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

How much do you know about your 'self'?

"Can you tell me something about yourself other than the information that you gathered, what you know?" - U.G. Krishnamurti

I like this inquiry more than infamous "who am I?" because that question presupposes a Who.  A better question asks what is left of the self other than collected concepts and ideas.  Is there anything left at all?

photo credit:  The Puppet Show by anggalanell on deviantart

Friday, January 17, 2014

And you see that there is no thing here..

My very first exposure to the idea that the separate self did not exist came in reading a variation of something I'd later find out what this sutra. 

To reveal the nature of the reality of self, no more than this is needed.

In the seen, there is only the seen,
in the heard, there is only the heard,
in the sensed, there is only the sensed,
in the cognized, there is only the cognized.
Thus you should see that
indeed there is no thing here;
this, Bahiya, is how you should train yourself.
Since, Bahiya, there is for you
in the seen, only the seen,
in the heard, only the heard,
in the sensed, only the sensed,
in the cognized, only the cognized,
and you see that there is no thing here,
you will therefore see that
indeed there is no thing there.
As you see that there is no thing there,
you will see that
you are therefore located neither in the world of this,
nor in the world of that,
nor in any place
betwixt the two.
This alone is the end of suffering.”

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Best. Selfie. Ever.

  • Title This sure beats any “selfie” I’ve done up to now
  • Released 11/07/2013 11:50 am
  • Copyright ESA/NASA
  • Description These images were taken by ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano during his spacewalk, together with NASA's Chris Cassidy, 9 July 2013.